What are the common ailments of urinary system?

1 Answer
Apr 2, 2016

Urinary tract infection which is common for women and Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) for both sexes.


UTI is common for women due to hygiene reasons. If the woman wipes her butt after pooping from the anus to the vagina, chances are some of the fecal matter will be dragged on to the vagina where the bacteria of the feces will infect the urethra. This is characterized by a burning sensation upon urination and intense urge to urinate. If the woman experiences a high fever, chances are that the infection reached her kidneys already which is called pyelonephritis. IV antibiotics will be injected to cure her.

Kidney stones are developed by having a high sodium diet where the excess sodium is deposited in the kidneys instead of being excreted. Another reason is being dehydrated or not drinking water regularly. Kidney stones are usually excreted normally provided that the person drinks enough water and corrects his/her diet. If not, the stones may continue to grow larger and increase in numbers. An operation can be recommended to remove the stones manually especially if it is very big or lithotripsy is done where a shockwave is used to breakdown the stones into small pieces. It is only done if the stone is not yet too big.