What are the coordinates of point A (4,-1) after it has been reflected over the y-axis?

2 Answers
Jun 5, 2018

#(4,-1)# after reflection over the y-axis would become #color(red)(""(-4,-1))#


A reflection over the y-axis leaves the point the same distance above the x-axis (that is the y-coordinate value does not change).

The x-coordinate value becomes an equal distance from the y-axis but on the other side of the y-axis (that is the x-coordinate value becomes the negative of what it was).

Jul 28, 2018

#color(purple)(A ((4),(1)) to A'((-4), (-1))#



As can be seen from the above figure,

Mapping formula for reflection over y-axis is

#((x), (y)) to ((-x), (y))#

#:. color(purple)(A ((4),(-1)) to A'((-4), (-1))#