What are the differences between adverbs and adjectives? I want to know why they are easily confused as well.

1 Answer

Adverbs and adjectives are often confused because an adverb can also be used as an adjective.Adjectives and adverbs are different in various ways.


Adjective: a word which describes a noun or a pronoun.

An adjective describing a noun:

  • Rita is a beautiful girl.
    #rarr# Here the adjective beautiful describes the noun Rita.

An adjective describing a pronoun:

  • She is stylish.
    #rarr#Here the adjective stylish describes the pronoun she.

Adverb: a word which describes a verb, adjective or another adverb.

An adverb describing a verb:

  • She dances beautifully.
    #rarr# Here the adverb beautiful describes the verb dance.

An adverb describing an adjective:

  • Tom is very tall.
    #rarr#Here the adverb very describes the adjective tall.

An adverb describing another adverb:

  • He runs very fast.
    #rarr#Here the adverb very describes another adverb fast.