What are the different bone structures of women?

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Oct 16, 2016

Although there are many subtle differences in bone structures, the most obvious ones are in the pelvis and the skull.


The Pelvis

The female pelvis is not as high and is proportionately wider than that of the male.

In females, the pelvic bones are shorter and more rounded, and the surrounding bones (sacrum, remaining hip bones, etc.) are designed to be more flexible to accommodate gestation and child delivery.

The female pubic arch forms an obtuse angle, while the male pubic arch forms a much more acute angle.

MF Pelvis
(From radiologypics.com)

This creates a larger and less obstructed opening to accommodate a baby's head and shoulders during childbirth.

The Skull

The female skull differs from a male skull in the following ways:

  • Chin more pointed, with a wider angle of the jaw
  • Smaller brow ridges, with more vertical forehead
  • Sharp upper margins of the eye orbits
  • Smaller projections behind the ears (mastoid processes)


Males usually have square chins, pronounced brow ridges, rounded supra-orbital margins, and a defined ridge for neck muscle attachment.