What are the first and last words of a diamante?

1 Answer
Feb 18, 2018

A diamante poem is a poem in which seven lines are formed to appear in the shape of a diamond.


Diamante poems are split into a structure of lines rather than words. They have an odd and strict structure.

  1. Noun/subject
  2. Two adjectives that describe the noun/subject
  3. Words that end with -ing that describe the noun/subject
  4. Two words about the first noun/subject and another two words about the antonym/synonym
  5. Three -ing words about the antonym/synonym
  6. Two adjectives that describe the antonym/synonym
  7. Antonym/synonym of the subject/noun

Here is an example from one of the founders of Shadow Poetry, Marie Summers:

                                            cute, soft
                               purring, clawing, pouncing
                                  playful, fur, fun, feline
                                  pawing, licking, loving
                                  bright-eyed, beautiful