What are the four main organs in the digestive system?

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Feb 15, 2018


In fact, all the organs of GI tract perform vital functions and are necessary but in order to point out the most important, I will go with:

  • Liver
  • Stomach
  • Small intestine
  • Large intestine


Now let's discuss them a bit...

  • Liver:
    It is the central station of metabolism. It processes the nutrients absorbed from small intestine. The bile secreted by liver play important role in digesting fats. It detoxifies harmful chemicals and drugs.


  • Stomach:
    It is a muscular bag which stores the food and digests it partly. Without stomach, we can't be able to stay hungry for at least a minute. It has cells in its linings . The secretions of these cells help in the breakdown of food . So, it makes the food ready to enter the small intestine.


  • Small Intestine:
    This #20 feet# long organ is amazingly coiled by Nature so as to fit properly in the body. It's parts are duodenum, jejunum and ileum. It's main function is the absorption of all the nutrients necessary for body before they get their way to large intestine. It converts the food into a semi-solid mass.


  • Large Intestine:
    Large intestine also known as colon mainly absorbs water from the remaining indigestible food and stores and processes the food before it gets its way to rectum.


Hope it helps...

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