What are the four types of conflict?

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Jade Share
Oct 13, 2016


Man vs. Man, Man vs. Self, Man vs. Society, Man vs. Nature


Man vs. Man
- When a character is having problems or conflict with another character

  • External

  • Example: The little boy yelled at his friend for hitting him in the arm.

  • The conflict caused is by the boys friend effecting the little boy

Man vs. Self
- When a character is having problems with themselves, usually psychological

  • Internal

  • Example: Jordan couldn't decide between the blue dress and the purple dress for homecoming.

  • The conflict is between Jordan and herself because she can't decide what color dress to wear

Man vs. Society
- When a character isn't fitting in with what the society considers as normal, or the character isn't following the rules

  • External

  • Example:The teenage boy doesn't fit in with the rest of the kids at school.

  • The conflict caused is between the teen and the rest of high school society because he doesn't fit in with the "social norm"

Man vs. Nature
- When a character is having problems with nature

  • External

  • Example: The hurricane reached land and crushed all the houses in its path.

  • The conflict caused is one of nature that effects man

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