What are the functions of amoebocytes?

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Feb 7, 2016

Amoebocytes have varied functions depending upon species.


Amoebocytes are amoeba like cells found in sponges. They are totipotent (able to divide and form differentiate cells) in nature.They basically store, digest and transport food, excrete wastes, secrete skeleton and also may give rise to buds in asexual reproduction.
When it comes to their functions, amoebocytes are the life of sponges.

There are 5 types of Amoebocytes, so we can expect 5 basic functions:-

  1. LARGE AMOEBOCYTES- They distribute food to other cells of sponge and move by way of pseudopodia (false feet).
  2. ARCHEOCYTES- They are undifferentiated sponge cells that can give rise to more differentiated cells such as pinacocytes, porocytes or oocytes.
  3. SCLEROBLASTS- They produce Spicules.
  4. CALCOBLASTS- They make Calcium carbonate spicules.
  5. SILICOBLASTS- They make silicous spicules.