What are the labor issues associated with mining?

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Jan 30, 2017

It is my thinking that some mining projects are short-lived


Consider a gold mine. Mining company guarantees to operate it 5 years (totally conceptual). The company offers jobs to local people. These people were farmers (before). They want to work for this company.

After five years, they cannot retire. The mining company offers jobs 1000 km away from their own village. Now, the environment is in bad condition. It is not possible to go back for people (old farmers) due to environmental degradation.

If they accept to relocate somewhere (1000 km away from their homeland), they will work there (lets say another five years). After total 10 years, they cannot retire. The second place (mining site) is retired now.

Another mining site....

It is just a conceptual case. I am not sure whether it has been experienced somewhere or not.