What are the layers of a star, and what does each layer do?

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Let's learn about each of them...

First of all we can divide them into two

Interior layers of a star and The atmosphere (outer)

#"1] Interior layers of a star"#

#" Core"#

  • It is the innermost region of a star

  • It is where the nuclear fusion occurs

  • All of a energy of a star comes from this

  • It is where a star converts Hydrogen atoms into helium

#" Radiation zone"#

  • The energy(heat) from the core travels through this layer

  • The energy travels in the form of electromagnetic radiation

  • In other words, the energy travels in the form of photons

#" Convection zone"#

  • When the energy comes to the Convective zone, it travels in a different manner

  • The energy travels in the way of the water boiling in a pot

  • In other words, the energy moves by convection

#"2] Atmosphere"#

#" Photosphere"#

  • It is a very thin layer

  • It emits most of the light

#" Chromosphere"#

  • It can be seen during an eclipse

  • It is the middle-most layer in the atmosphere of a star

  • It appears as a pinkish-red layer

#" Corona"#

  • It is the outermost layer of a star

  • It is nicknamed as the crown of a star

  • It is also visible during an eclipse

Hopefully this helps..!