What are the layers of the heart, from the inside to the outside?

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Apr 17, 2018

Endocardium - Innermost Epithelial Layer
Myocardium - Muscular Middle Layer
Pericardium - Visceral (Epicardium) Layer
Pericardium - Pericardial Cavity
Pericardium - Parietal (Epicardium) Layer
Pericardium - Fibrous Pericardial Layer


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Endocardium - Innermost Epithelial Layer - in contact with blood in the chambers of the heart.

Myocardium - Muscular Middle Layer - contractile tissue thicker in the ventricles and thinner in the atria

Pericardium - Visceral (Epicardium) Layer - encapsulates the the myocardium

Pericardium - Pericardial Cavity - filled with pericardial fluid to reduce friction during heart movement

Pericardium - Parietal (Epicardium) Layer - encloses the pericardial cavity

Pericardium - Fibrous Pericardial Layer - dense fibrous sac surrounding the heart.