What are the numbers of the subatomic particles in Ag?

1 Answer

47 protons, 47 electrons and 61 neutrons


The atomic number of silver is 47, this tells you the number of protons and electrons (they are equal because a silver atom has a net charge of zero). Remember that protons have a +1 charge and electrons have a -1 charge. Neutrons have no charge.

The number of neutrons can be calculated by taking the mass number (round average atomic mass to nearest whole number).

107.86 rounds to 108

To find the neutrons subtract the number of protons (atomic number) from the mass number.

108-47 = 61

Keep in mind that protons and neutrons have a mass of 1 amu and that the mass of an electron is so close to zero that we say it is zero for questions like this one.

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