What are the numeral adjectives, if any, in the following sentence?: There were many reasons why the five jurors refused to submit a guilty verdict.

1 Answer
Mar 7, 2016

many and five


Numeral adjectives state or give an indication as to the number or amount of a type of object.

There are three types of numeral adjectives:

Definite numeral adjectives:

These are adjectives that explicitly refer to an amount of something. The types of definite numeral adjectives can range from referring to just numbers, or cardinal adjectives, (one, seven, forty three) to ordinal adjectives, (third, ninth, sixtieth), to fractions (one fourth, five eighths) to multiplicative adjectives (twofold, triple).

Indefinite numeral adjectives:

These specify numerous objects but do not have a specific value -- compared to definite numeral adjectives, these give an idea of how many of an object there are without referring specifically to the number. Examples include: some, none, many, certain, more, several, few, any, most, all, no, too much

Distributive numeral adjectives:

These refer specifically to individual subjects that are part of a larger group. Examples include: each, every, either, neither

Returning to the given sentence, we see that the two numeral adjectives are many (indefinite) and five (definite).