What are the patterns of reproduction in animals?

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Jan 24, 2018


Animals mainly reproduce sexually, and few animals do reproduce asexually too.


The sexual reproduction mainly occurs in animals. Sexual reproduction means in which two parents contribute to their offspring (a male and a female). The male and female both provide a sex chromosome and other required autosomal chromosome. The only difference in the chromosomes is sex chromosome which is already mentioned above. Therefore, when sperm (from a male) and ovum (from a female) fuses to give rise to an offspring, which can be a baby boy or a baby girl.

There is species of mud Snails in NewZealand which are known for asexual reproduction. The females are born with developing offspring in them, and they alone can give rise to new adults later. They also have males in the population which is less than 5% of the population, which provide these snails to grow sexually too.