What are the seven ranks in the Linnaean classification system, beginning with the smallest?

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Aug 20, 2017

Species < Genus < Family < Order < Class < Phylum < Kingdom


A scientific name in Linean classefication is composed of the Genus and then the secies , ex:

Araneus diadematus, Araneus is the Genus and diadematus the species

this is a common garden ord spider.
Among the 112 possible family , it belong to the family of Araneidae. All those family make the Order Aranae.

This Order is among the Class of the Arachnids (with scorpions, camel spider, picnogonids and other funny stuff ...).

above that there is the Phyllum Arthropods in wich we'll find other Class like the isects or crustacean.

the Arthropod's Phyllum along with the reste o the animales are grouped in the Kingdom of animals (in opposition to the vegetals, the fungi and different kind of bacteria)