What are the six major biomes of the world?

1 Answer
Mar 20, 2016

The six major biomes are desert, grassland, rain forest, deciduous forest, taiga, and tundra.


  1. Desert
    Desert biomes are classified as having less than 25 cm of rain per year, with hot days and intense sunshine.

  2. Grassland
    Grassland is characterized as containing mostly grass vegetation, receiving erratic rainfall of about 4-16 cm annually, and falling into the temperate zone.

  3. Rain Forest
    Rain forests are typically categorized as containing 100 or more species of trees, with 200 cm of rain per year and high temperatures.

  4. Deciduous Forest
    Deciduous forests are classified as having cold winters, warm summers, and 75-100 cm of rain yearly.
  5. Taiga
    Taiga is characterized as having long, severe winters and brief summers, with 40-100 cm of rain annually and temperatures often below -50˚ C.
  6. Tundra
    Tundra is characterized as having the arctic climate, with precipitation between 50 and 60 cm per year and no trees.