What are the some of the evidence provided for macroevolution?

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Feb 3, 2018

All the evidence for macro evolution is indirect evidence and extrapolations from observed evidence of micro evolution.


The evidence of macro evolution is based on indirect evidence such as the interpretation of the fossil record, homology of similar structures, embryology , vestigial organs, DNA similarities, and observed changes or adaptations of existing organisms.

There is not direct or empirical evidence of changes in organisms that have resulted from descent with modification or random mutations creating new and improved information.

Fossils show evidence that life forms found in the lower layers of the rock layers are generally simpler than fossils found in higher levels providing indirect evidence of macro evolution. Fossils provide perhaps the best evidence of macro evolution. However there are far too many incidences where the complex fossils are found underneath fossils that are are suppose to be much older.

Homology shows that vertebrates have similar bone structures that are used for different purposes. This is indirect evidence of common descent, as it show similar design.

Embryology was once believed to show indirect evidence for descent with modification however studies in 1995 by Richardson in England using actual photographs of embryos proved that the Embryos do not support macro evolution. The drawings by Haeckel were frauds.

Vestigial organs were once thought to provide evidence for evolution in the creation of new organs and uses for old organs. Present evidence indicates that while organs may lose there function it is due to a lose of information, This does not support macro evolution that requires a gain of information. ( See the blind fish of Death Valley, and studies of the appendix. )

Many species show changes ( or micro evolution) such as the peppered moths of industrial England, or the Darwin Finches of the Galapogos Islands. This studies show that species can change and adapt to new environments but the changes are natural variations that previously existed within the population and are completely reversible. Descent with modification requires an improvement that is not reversible.

There are sufficient indirect evidences to support the theory of macro evolution there is no direct evidence and many of the indirect evidences are suspect.