What are the stages of anaerobic respiration? What happens in each stage?

1 Answer

The stages of an-aerobic respiration are glycolysis and fermentation.


  1. The first stage of the aerobic and an-aerobic respiration is glycolysis. In the glycolysis, the glucose molecule breaks down into two three carbon compound pyruvic acid.
  2. In the second stage, the pyruvic acid undergoes incomplte oxidation i.e., fermentation. The incompplete oxidation of the pyruvic acid yields ethano or lactic acid.
  3. But in aerobic respiration the pyruvic acid is acetylated before enter into the Kreb Cycle. The next stage is Krebs cycle completeed in the matrix of mitochondria. The last stage is electron transport system completed on the inner mitochondrial membrane. Water is formed by utilisation of oxygen and hydrogen is supplied from the NADPH, FADPH. Thank you