What are the subatomic particles?

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Jun 24, 2018

This is the chemistry section mate....


To a first, and useful approximation, atoms are made up of (i) #"electrons"#, charged particles with negligible mass, the which are conceived to whizz about a massive nuclear core, consisting of (ii) #"protons"#, massive particles with AN OPPOSITE ELECTRONIC CHARGE to the electron (and therefore atoms are to a first approx. electrically neutral), and (iii) #"neutrons"#, massive particles with ZERO ELECTRONIC CHARGE.

Interactions between protons and neutrons at nuclear ranges account for the strong nuclear force...the which at close internuclear ranges, is STRONGER than the electrostatic force of repulsion. Electrons can exchange between other nuclei...to form cations, and anions, or SHARE space between nuclei to form a bond by electrostatic attraction between the nuclei and the electron cloud...