What are the symptoms of tendon slipping out off the peroneal groove? Will there be pain even at rest?

1 Answer
May 5, 2017

A painful snapping over the lateral ankle is the classic indication of the tendon slipping out of the peroneal groove.


Symptoms include :
1) Audible snap or a sound during the injury
2) Pain or tenderness posterior to the lateral malleolus
3) Bruising, swelling and stiffness may be present
4) Inability to bear weight, by patients suffering from this dislocation
5) pain upon pronation of the soles of the feet.

Pain while toe walking or cutting laterally while playing on a field are also observed. With acute injury, pain and swelling are noted over the postero lateral aspect of the ankle.

Medically it is known as peroneal subluxation. This phenomenon arises from the peroneal tendons slipping in and out of the groove behind the bone on the outside of the ankle.
The main cause of this is an ankle sprain.