What are the three general cell shapes of epithelial tissue?

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Sep 8, 2016

Epithelial tissue are of various types; commonly classified on the basis of cell shapes:-

  1. Squamous epithelium whose cells are tile like ( flat ).
  2. Cuboidal epithelium whose cells are cube shaped.
  3. Columnar epithelium whose cells are elongated.

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Each type could be either simple or stratified.

Simple squamous lines blood bessels.
Stratified squamous protects skin.


Simple cuboidal lines nephronic tubules: PCT and DCT.
Stratified cuboidal lines outlets of sweat glands, mammary glands.


Simple columnar epithelium is present in lining of intestine, oviduct.
Stratified columnar epithelium is seen in lining of anus, uterus.