What are three halogens and describe a property that they all share?

1 Answer
Sep 18, 2017

All halogens are non-metals with seven valence electrons.


Halogens are elements that belong to group VII. They exist as diatomic molecules.


  • Melting and boiling points increases down the group.
  • Halogens form molecular crystals thus their melting points are low
  • Halogens are slightly soluble in polar solvents, e.g. #"H"_2"0"#
  • Halogens are very soluble in non-polar organic solvents, e.g. #"CCl"_4, "C"_2"H"_5"OH"#
  • In a chemical reaction, these non-metals gain an electron to form a univalent negative ion with -1 charge
  • Chemical reactivity of the elements decreases down the group, fluorine being the most reactive and astatine being the least reactive.