What are three theories on how the earth was formed?

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Feb 1, 2018

I am gonna describe here three theories which led to the formation of the earth..


  1. The core acceleration model:-
    During the formation of universe the sun became to formed in the center of the nebula. But as we know there were also other materials which were in the space, which were mostly small due to gravity became bound together to form the larger particles.. which we call as the planets. THIS IS ALSO PROBABLY THE MOST DISCUSSED REASON THAT LED TO THE FORMATION OF THE EARTH.

  2. Pebble acceleration:-
    This is possibly the most challenging reason to the core acceleration model.
    This was possibly the reason where the small pebble like particles which fused together faster than the core acceleration to make up the bigger units.

3.Some even suggest that the sun broke into many pieces out of which some were small and some were very large enough to be called as the planets. And the smaller pieces to be called as the asteroids..