What are two vestigial structures?

1 Answer

The male nipple and the covered over eyes of the blind fish of death valley.


The Darwinian theory of evolution postulates that descent with modification can explain how one life form can evolve into another another life form

This theory (Darwinian evolution) predicted that there would be multiple vestigial structures found in the human body. In the 1960 there were over 100 structures that were thought to be vestigial structures. None of these with the exception of the male nipple are regarded as vestigial structures today.

The blind fish of death valley are found in underground lakes and streams where there is absolutely no light. These fish have lost the organ of the eye. The eye socket is still part of the fish but there is no eye in the socket. This makes the eye socket of the blind fish a vestigial organ. An organ that no longer serves an adaptive function or purpose.

Human Appendix is also a vestigial Organ