What causes bulging the arm and hand veins?

1 Answer
Mar 27, 2016

The Bulging of the arm and hand veins are usually associated with Vascular Diseases.


Vascular Diseases are usually caused by the clogging, clotting or damage of the blood vessels.

Clogging can usually be caused by high cholesterol or high fats in the blood system.

Clotting can usually caused by excess coagulation of the blood, due to hormonal imbalance or harmful substances like venom or poison.

Damage can usually caused by external or internal forces, that resulted to the tearing or rapture of the veins internal, causing the disruption of the proper blood flow.

But it some cases, the bulging of the arm and hand veins, can just be benign vascularity.

It may be the result of low subcutaneous fats, exposing the vein in the epidermis, it can just be the result of Age or genetics, as people age, the bodies' subcutaneous fats deposit decreases, together with the increase of cholesterol in the blood vessels. Some people have inherently small deposits of subcutaneous fats in their bodies.