What conditions will increase the rate of a chemical reaction?

1 Answer
Jan 7, 2016

I am going to explain how to increase the rate of chemical reaction for solid, liquid and gas.


Changes in temperature either allows the rate to increase or decrease.

For a solid solute and a liquid solvent, increasing the temperature allows it to furthur increase it's solubility.

However, as little to no energy are exchanged between liquid and gas, increasing the temperature does not make a difference.

Increasing the pressure helps increase the solubility of a gas as it is directly proportional to the pressure of the particular gas above a liquid.

Besides, there are three ways to increase the rate of dissolving of solute into a solvent

  1. Stir it/Mix it
  2. Heat it
  3. Increase its' surface area

I hope this explanation is clear! Feel free to ask if there's anything you're unable to understand!