What contributed to Ho Chi Minh's campaign in the conflict with France following World War II?

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Oct 27, 2016

Viet Minh with the Japanese occupied French Indochina completely immediately Post War. The French had to clear the Viet Minh out of the entire area.


The Americans were not in favor of the French re-occupation and did a lot of foot dragging and petty stalling.

For this and other reasons the French were slow in re-establishing boots on the ground in Vietnam and the Viet Minh occupied Hanoi and Saigon with Japanese co-operation.

The British were the first to land at Saigon in Vietnam. The French soon followed. Fighting soon broke out with the Viet Minh fighting a combined force of British (including Indian and Ghurka troops), French (Colonial) and former French Vichy troops, and Japanese Troops who were left with arms and actively fought.

The Battle Hanoi starting December 19, 1946 is considered the start of the next phase of the Vietnam War.