What creates a black hole? Will we ever have the ability to create one?

1 Answer
Dec 23, 2015

Forms from a Dying Star.


Black holes are Nature's weirdest creation also they are one of the biggest mysteries of the observable universe.

A black hole forms from the leftover mass of a dead Star, A Star much more massive than our Sun about 3 to 8 times more massive, after the Star has consumed all of its fuel i.e. hydrogen to helium, helium to Carbon then to other heavier elements and finally to Iron. With only Iron left in the core there would not be any fusion reactions to balance the inward gravity. Due to this, the Star collapses on its core in a violent Supernova Explosion leaving behind a Small extremely dense object from which even light cannot escape.

We humans will never be able to create one as we can't even understand what they actually are.

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