What cytoskeleton component is also used for motion?

1 Answer
Sep 3, 2015
  1. Microtubules,
  2. Microfilaments and
  3. Intermediate filaments


The reason why eukaryotic cells can adopt a variety of shapes for movements is because of the cytoskeleton.

Cytoskeleton is also sometimes called cyclomusculature as it helps in muscle contractions and in changing shapes of vertebrate embryos.

The cytoskeleton extends throughout the cytoplasm of a cell and has three types of protein filaments

  1. Microtubules , high density of these proteins exist in dendrites and axons (of nerve cells) , cilia and meristematic plant cells .

  2. Microfilaments , they are normally concentrated right beneath the cell membrane and are actively incolved in cytoplasmic streaming cyclosis and amoeboid motion.

  3. Intermediate filaments , they form contractile units in muscle cells and play a role in muscle contractions.