What day/night cycle would we have if earth was tilted like Uranus?

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Feb 21, 2016

Uranus is nearly rolling about its fixed spin axis, One pole faces and the other is hidden, alternately, through half orbital periods of 42 years. This half will be 6-month period, for the Earth.


I have edited my answer, with changes, to answer the genuine doubt raised by M. Zack. Uranus orbital period is 84 y and spin period is ) 0.718 Earth day.
In brief, day-to-night transition takes 42 years. Uranus' spin axis is inclined at about 0.8 deg to its orbital plane. The equatorial plane is nearly perpendicular to the orbital plane. For the Earth, this half will be six months. The helpful disambiguation reference (besides Zack's query) is cseligman.com/planets/uranusrot.htm .