What did the American foreign policy known as the "Monroe Doctrine" establish?

1 Answer
Jan 20, 2018

It established American hegemony in Central and South America.


It defined American foreign policy in this part of the world which continues to this day. It reflects a warning to other countries, particularly European powers not to get too involved. It promotes US economic interests in the area. This has meant the support for almost two hundred years of the most brutal governments and dictatorships in order to protect lucrative US economic investment. These include foodstuffs, copper, oil, and cocaine.
Examples of such support are countless, for example, Batista in Cuba, repeated attempts to assassinate Castro, undermining Chavez in Venezuela, support for military dictatorships in countries such as Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentine and support for the coup against Allende's democratically elected regime in Chile, as well as backing for right wing death squads in countries such as El Salvador and Guatemala.