What did the Confederacy win at Chancellorsville? What did it lose?

1 Answer

The Confederacy won the initiative in the Civil War that allowed the invasion of the north. They lost Stonewall Jackson one of their best generals.


The Union Army under General Hooker greatly outnumbered the Confederate. The Union Army was threatening to break through at Fredericksburg and also to the north and west.

General Lee split his army in three parts. A small holding force outside of Fredericksburg. The main army under Lee blocking the main thrust of the Union Army, While a daring flanking move lead by General Jackson attacked the Union Army by surprise .

General Jackson's attack routed the Union Army sending the Union Army in retreat. The Union Army was in disarray after the battle of Chancellorsville. This allowed the Confederacy to invade the north.

Sadly General Jackson was accidentally shot by his own troops after the battle.
He died shortly after the battle. His absence at the battle of Gettysburg may have caused the South to lose the Battle of Gettysburg.

Gettysburg was the last chance the south had to win the Civil War militarily. The lost of General Jackson was critical.