What do the prefixes "pro", "mono", "epi", and "dia" mean when implemented like prologue, dialogue, monologue, and epilogue?

1 Answer
Oct 24, 2016

In all instances, 'logue' means words/saying. 'Pro' means before, 'mono' means one or alone, 'epi' means in addition to, and 'dia' means across or between.


The prefixes of the words above refer to different positions in written or oral speech.

A Prologue usually prefaces a book: it introduces or comes before the actual writing.

An Epilogue usually comes at the end of a book: it serves as a conclusion or commentary in addition to the book.

A Monologue is a speech: one person speaking alone either in a play or in a conversation.

A Dialogue is a conversation: two or more people speaking between or among themselves.