What does a "personal narrative" refers to?

1 Answer
Dec 2, 2017

It is a "First Person" viewpoint - the one that we would see if we were that person.


For example, a story told as a person sees it - similar to you discussing your day with a friend. How you and your friend saw or experienced the day is different, even if you did some things in common.

A personal narrative says "I did this or that..."

In contrast, a "second person narrative" is from the perspective of someone close, but not the subject. Phrases like "You did this or that..." are the norm.

A "third person" narrative is the kind most often found in literature. It is the "observer" perspective, which can detail different observations and even internal thoughts as objective notes instead of the individual experience. The common form of the phrase is "He/she did this or that..."

A very good comparison of the three "person" perspectives with examples is given here: