What does the kinetic theory state?

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Feb 6, 2017

The Kinetic Theory of gases states that the gases are made of small particles (atoms or molecules) which are in random motion.


The Theory was put up forward by Bernoulli, and further extended by Clausius, Maxwell, and Boltzmann.
Postulates of Kinetic Molecular Theory of gases:
1. All gases are made up of a large number of minute particles of molecules.
2. The molecules are separated from one another by large distances, called as intermolecular spaces.
3. The molecules are in the state of rapid motion in all directions. They collide with each other and the walls of the container, and thus change their directions.
4. There is no loss of energy when the molecules collide among themselves and the wall of the container.
5. The molecules are independent of each other as the molecules has no forces of interaction (repulsive or attractive) between molecules.
6. The pressure exerted by the gas is due to the collision of the molecules with the walls of the container per unit area.
7. The average Kinetic energy of the gas molecules is directly propotional to the absolute temperature.