What examples can you give for empathy?

1 Answer
May 15, 2018

Its root comes from the Greek term páthos meaning “suffering / feeling". The prefix em- derives from the Greek en- “within, in.”

Empathy VS Sympathy
In simple words, Sympathy is feeling for someone else, while Empathy is feeling with someone else. If Tom's cat dies, and you say, "I am really sorry for you." , then you're sympathizing with Tom. Now, if I say, "My cat died last month too, I know how you feel - I am sorry for your loss." ; then I am empathizing with him.

1. I felt a wave of empathy as I watched Al scribble her chemistry notes, remembering how stressful my own note making had been the last year.
(Why empathy? Because I have gone through it.)
2. Jess looked at Becky, who has had a recent miscarriage, with empathy; remembering the year she lost her baby.
(The same reason, she's been through it.)

Hope this helps :)