What factors are used to classify climate in the Köppen climate classification system?

1 Answer
May 10, 2017

Temperature and precipitation are used to classify different climates when using the Köppen climate classification system.


The Köppen climate classification system relies on temperature and precipitation data. More specifically, it uses annual and monthly averages of temperature and precipitation to first designate one of five categories:

A. Average temperature of 18 °C or higher
B. Low precipitation. Potential evaporation and transpiration are greater than precipitation
C. Temperatures for the coldest month average between 0-18°C and at least one month of the year averages above 10°C
D. At least one month on average below 0°C and at least one month on average above 10°C
E. Average monthly temperatures always below 10°C

Each of these five classes can then be broken down even further.

Map of the world using the Köppen climate classification:

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