What formal agreement officially established a peace plan and outlined Germany's future?

1 Answer
Apr 14, 2018

The Yalta Conference Feb 1945 , The Berlin Declaration June 45 and the Potsdam Agreement Aug 45


The Yalta Conference (Feb 45) agreed that Germany must surrender unconditionally and suffer occupation by Allied forces, the country being divided into 4 parts each occupied by one of the allied powers an Berlin to be treated as a separate entity and itself divided into four sectors each occupied by one of the allied powers but that all should fall under a joint occupation commission

German unconditionally surrendered on the 5th May 45 but that surrender document dealt only with the armed forces of Germany, the Berlin Declaration of June 45 formally announced what was agreed at Yalta but with additional details - which effectively abolished the state of Germany and replaced it with an Allied Control Council, the declaration also dealt with the treatment of war Criminals etc

The Potsdam Agreement (not the Potsdam Declaration dealt with Japan) of Aug 45 added much more detail of the way Germany was to be administered, the destruction or reduction of war related civilian industries, reparations for the Soviet Union, the destruction of the German Navy, Settlement of Borders (notable Konigsberg) etc