What happened in the Red Summer of 1919?

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Apr 18, 2017

There were race riots all over America between May and October in about thirty cities, the bloodiest were in Elaine(Arkansas), Washington D.C and Chicago


Several factors came into play precipitating the riots.

  • Labor Shortages: Industrial cities in the North and Midwest profited greatly from World War I. Yet, the factories also encountered serious labor shortages because white men were enlisting in World War I and the United States government halted immigration from Europe.

    The Great Migration: To fulfill these job shortages, at least 500,000 African-Americans moved from the South to Northern and Midwestern cities. African-Americans were also leaving the South to escape Jim Crow laws, segregated schools, and lack of job opportunities.

    Racial Strife: Working class white workers in Northern and Midwestern cities resented the presence of African-Americans, who were now competition for employment.