What happened to Medgar Evers after he helped James Meredith integrate the University of Mississippi?

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Jul 22, 2016

Medgar Evers was murdered in his driveway, June 12, 1963, returning home from a NAACP meeting.


Best known for the quote "You can kill a man, but you cannot kill and idea." Civil Rights Activist, Medgar Evers fought for the admission of students into the University of Mississippi following Brown vs the Board of education ruling to integrate public schools and colleges.

Evers championed voting rights, economic opportunity, public access and education. Returning from an NAACP meeting concerning Jim Crow laws denying voters rights, Evers was shot through the heart by Byron De La Beckwith of the White Citizens Council. Rushed to a Hospital by family members he was denied admission. Family members eventually convinced the hospital staff to admit Evers, but he died shortly thereafter in the hospital.

Evers who was a veteran was buried with full military honors at Arlington Cemetery.

DeLaBeck with was eventually arrested and tried but twice juries could not convict. In 1994 De La Beckwith was tried under new evidence and found guilty of Evers murder in February of that year.