What happened to supporters of President Salvador Allende after the overthrow of the government by Augusto Pinoch?

1 Answer
Jan 20, 2018

They suffered widespread persecution and murder.


Allende's democratic government was violently overthrown by a CIA backed coup organised by General Pinochet and the Chilean Army.
Allende's progressive economic and social policies were bitterly opposed by American capitalism who were concerned with their investments in Chilean industries such as copper and telecommunications.
Allende was killed in the fighting. Some supporters managed to escape but most were tortured, imprisoned or murdered. Such violence was and still is typical of the violence historically endemic in central and South American countries.
One of the more bizarre consequences was the fact that the national stadium in Santiago was used to house, torture and murder many supporters. As a consequence the Soviet Union refused to play a World Cup qualifier which led to Chile kicking off and immediately scoring.