What happened to the "Unanswered questions" button, the ability to sort questions according to "Conceptual" vs. "Practice", etc. on the Subject pages?

1 Answer
Dec 16, 2015

Hey Truong-Son!

We recently made a change that removes unanswered questions from the Activity feed (which is the default page when you visit a specific subject page). To see unanswered questions, you can click over to the Questions tab.

We made this change to that the Activity tab and the Questions tab do their respective "jobs" better: the Activity feed better showcases what people are doing in that subject, and the Questions tab exposes all unanswered questions and lets you filter to find ones you want to answer.

I'd really love yo hear your feedback on this change. And how you usually / used to use the feed(s) to see activity and find questions to answer. As always, we are open to change anything that will make for a better experience for you all :)