What happens to the density of rock as it cools?

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Nov 1, 2016

The density of the solid substances, among them were the ores and rocks, it increases when the temperature drops.


In general, the density of a solid material depends on many factors. For example, in the case of a rock, the density is a function of the crystalline structure and composition of minerals that comprise, as well as temperature, pressure, porosity of the material, the presence of crystallized water or gas retained within ...

With all other factors equal, an increase in temperature always causes a greater amplitude in the vibrational motion of the atoms forming the crystal structure of the solid. This implies a greater volume without mass has been modified so that the ratio:

#color(white)"0000000000000000000" rho = m/V#

becomes smaller. Similarly, if the temperature decreases, the atoms vibrate with lower amplitude, occupying less space and therefore the volume decreases, which will increase the density.


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