What has air pollution done to human life expectancy?

1 Answer
Sep 21, 2015

Create an chronic inflammation and stress-induced pathology


What i mean is, the matter of what is the chemical or particle inside that air is why we call it pollution. Its reason is because it could enter the body and damage the system and in this situation about the respiratory system. Imagine you breath with dust and many dangerous chemical substance, it enters your lung and destroys it. As you know the lung is place in your body where cell could trade carbon and oxygen. The destruction of lung could create low level of oxygen that cell takes and distributes into your body.

In advanced level, hypoxia throughout your body could induce stress and chronic stress. The cytokines is produced and circulates abnormally and creates imbalance environment for cells in your body, Overall the death of cell could not be balanced with the production and so on. Human life expectancy is getting shorter