What herbivores live in the rainforest?

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This is a tough question to answer because there are multiple different types of rainforests. A rainforest in the typical sense is a tropical forest that receives at least 100 inches of rainfall a year, but there are also temperate rainforests which receive about 79 inches of rain per year. The image below is of a temperate rainforest. Wikipedia

Rainforests are diverse and exist on multiple continents. Thus, different herbivores inhabit different rainforests. Here's a map of rainforests of the world below:


Howler monkeys in Central and South America are herbivores, as are capybaras, leaf-cutter ants, sloths, and many, many other insects, birds, and mammals.

video of leaf-cutter ants

video of capybara

video of red howler monkey

Video from: Noel Pauller
All were filmed in Peru in 2011 - Tambopata River.

In South East Asian rainforests, you have gibbons, rhinos, elephants, and, again, many more animals.