What is a "clause" in English?

1 Answer
Apr 1, 2018

You need at least a subject and a verb to be a clause.


A clause might not be expressed full meaning or could be in completing expression.

I play.

Question could be what I play?
If I put an object

I play a football, now it makes sense.

I play a football, it is a sentence.

But I play, it is a clause.
Clause is not separate or it is not a complete idea or it is dependent on other part of other clause too.

A clause could be independent ==it is called a sentence too.
But when a clause can't make a complete sense or it is not separated, this time we will say it is a dependent clause or a clause.

And keep in mind, adjective, adverb and noun clauses all are generally dependent clause.

Unless a student understands basic phrase, clause and sentence issues the first, sorry, English writing will be always a bit complicated matter for him.

So, let us learn the first, a phrase issue, a group of words called a phrase. ( where no a direct subject and verb at a time)
in the long run, in accordance with, crocodile tears all are common phrases, even you can make them too!
whatever the issue---I make it now---a phrase.

Though they are off track but a student should start up.