What is a flame test used for?

2 Answers

Identifying Ions


When an Ion gets heated it gains energy. The Ion of #Na^(+1)# has an orange glow in a flame. The Ion of #K^(+1# has a lavender glow. By using a flame test a chemist could identify whether he has a #NaCl# or if he has #KCl#. The color of some flame tests may vary slightly depending on the temperature of the flame being used.

Here are some videos of flame tests-

  1. Using solutions of dissolved metal chloride salts.

  2. Using solid metal chloride salt samples.

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Apr 11, 2016

Flame test can also be used to check the which gas either oxygen or hydrogen is being released from the solution.Oxygen relights a glowing splint and hydrogen burns in a flame with a pop sound.