What is a satirical solution to a modern day problem?

1 Answer
Apr 17, 2018

Instead of worrying about authorities invading our online privacy, we should just never do anything that we don't want everyone to know about ever again.


This could be considered satirical in that it is sarcastic and somewhat mocking. We all want privacy, and there are some things that everyone does that other people, much less themselves, would like in the public sphere. It's not a reasonable proposal. To add an extra layer of absurdity, it also doesn't actually solve the root problem (invasion of privacy).

To come up with a satirical solution to a problem, try thinking to yourself, "What's the most smart-alecky thing I can say about this?" Other examples might include building a giant fan to point at the Earth to solve global warming, ending obesity by setting "food quotas" for overweight and obese people, and ending texting while driving by outlawing phones (these examples vary in absurdity).