What is Alternation Generation? (P.S-In Simple Words)

know that Includes Sporophyte And gametophyte

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Jun 25, 2018

It happens in all higher plants


In alternation of generation, the sporophytic(diploid) body produces gametophytic(haploid) body asexually by meiosis forming spores and the gametophytic body produces sporophyte sexually.

Lets understand this concept taking example of pteridophytes.In most species,the sporophytic plant body produces haploid spores which land and produce a haploid body called a gametophyte. It has male and female reproductive organs which produce haploid spermatozoa and ova respectively.

These fertilize and produce a zygote which grows into a diploid plant body.

Essentially the gametophyte and sporophyte produce each other i.e the gametophyte produce sporophyte and sporophyte produce gametophyte.

A super simplified diagram of alternation of generation:


What really happens: