What is an antonym for the word "dictator"?

3 Answers
Oct 27, 2016

A few antonyms for dictator would be follower, weakling, democrat, or requester.


A dictator definitely wants all the power to himself, so anything the opposite of words like tyrant would be the antonym for dictator.

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Mar 22, 2018



Dictators are rulers (tyrants, oppressors, despots, etc.). They hold power and rule over people. Followers are people that obey others. Thus, follower is an antonym for dictator.

Mar 23, 2018

The opposite of dictator would be a democratic leader,


A dictator is a single person who rules by edict and personal whims. ( usually not kindly or unselfishly.)

A democratic leader is a single person who rules by following the wishes, and directives of the people that he rules.

So a democratic leader would be the exact opposite of a dictator.

A benevolent king would be the opposite of the connotation of a dictator usually being mean arbitrary, selfish, if not downright evil.
the benevolent king is one person who rules by edict but like the democratic leader considers the wishes and desires of the people he rules.